The Importance of Prayer and Community

When my son was a child, he once saw me praying when I’d had a particularly challenging time at work, and asked me what I was doing. I tried my best to convey the concept of prayer to him, as was appropriate for his age. Kids can be so smart and understanding – even though he was so young, I felt that I didn’t even need to break a sweat to do it, he got me perfectly. This is why it’s so important to always speak from the heart. I mark that day as the moment in time when my son let the Lord into his heart and I know he’s just as thankful for it as I am.


My faith has always been strong and has never wavered. I think that being firm in your belief allows you to know yourself and in turn, be a better person. This helped me early on in fatherhood and I try to always keep that feeling within me whenever I face any difficulties. I am grateful I have such a wonderful family and a wonderful community. They helped us a lot when we were new here.


Some years ago, when we were moving house, it was a tough time for everyone. My son had to change schools, and my wife had to change jobs, on top of the moving and renovating. Patience was tested on all sides, but when we were praying, we were confident that everything would be just fine. And if it weren’t for the people in our community, it would’ve been tougher.


And it really did turn out well. We got to move into a beautiful new home, with a wonderful garden and a backdoor patio, there was enough room for my son to play in the backyard, and we had put three big bathrooms with the latest toilet models. It was one of the most challenging times in our lives thus far, but we got through it and made wonderful new friends.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that prayer is important, and keeping a firm belief in the Lord is also important. The goal is to understand that we’re all brothers and sisters, and we need to be kind and understanding to each other. So my piece of advice is to remember to be grateful and to be kind to your community. Set examples for the kids and teach them what you know the best way you know. They will be grateful to you in return.

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