Catholic Worker Movement

What is the Catholic Worker Movement?

The Catholic Worker Movement is a concept that dates back to 1933; founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in New York City. Implementation of the teachings of the Catholic community through the Gospel was the goal behind starting such a movement. Catholic Worker newspaper was the first project that the duo launched, which turned out to be a strong foundation for the movement. By following the principles and teachings of the Gospel, Peter and Dorothy were striving to bring peace into the lives of the homeless by housing them. As the movement grew, many others joined the group to work for the needy. The group guaranteed hospitality with the increasing number of houses that accommodated the homeless. Catholic pacifism had been set as the root to the abundantly growing charity works. Matthew 25 was the basis for the movement’s activities; considering and caring for everyone like you do for Jesus was the motto.


More than two millenniums have passed since Jesus’ ascension, but the love he has for his children has never ceased. For the same reason, people still look up to his second coming for ultimate justice. All these factors have given birth to the faith of many people, and among them were the ones who agreed to participate in the movement with Peter and Dorothy. Despite being a famous movement all across the globe, the Catholic Worker Movement hasn’t had a national headquarters. From that point on, the community has grown to become a widely popular one with Casa Juan Diego being one of the biggest groups among the hundreds existing now.


Aims and Motives Behind the Catholic Worker Movement

Dorothy Day has clearly stated in the movement’s list of purposes that Peter was the founder of this group. It was his idea to kickstart a movement which would lay the foundation to relentless help for the ones in need. They say the motive behind starting this movement was to open up paths to a shelter for the homeless and also to give meaning to the faith that people claim to have. The group has developed over the years to instill within its supporters the virtues that many of them failed to achieve in their course of life. People tend to forget their ultimate duty in life, which is to serve the ones in pain.


Religion has been a medium for people to meet in the name of God and discuss the wildest extremes of profanity. The movement aimed at bringing people together to spread awareness that Christianity has a lot to convey in terms of spiritual growth and what needs to go into being one of those true Catholics. The scattered body of Christ (the people) had to be unified in order to bring about smiles on the faces that had endured pain. There happens to be a vision and a big mission that they aimed at fulfilling through this movement, which they didn’t want other members to consider as a mere charity to make themselves look like philanthropists.


Christian social order was among the primary goals of the Catholic Worker Movement, and it was to nurture every soul with the teachings of the Gospel. Consequently, different communities joining hands to work for God’s ultimate purpose by sowing seeds of goodness only to be reaped in its entirety by the future generations. Most of the communities have held on to this principle and keeps faith in the working of this movement to create a difference in the world’s perspective of life.

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