Sew to Give

As a Christian, I have always believed in giving back to society, especially to the people in need who cannot afford the basic needs every human being is entitled to have. Everyone has a unique way they give back or help people; mine is making quilts for those living on the streets. The cold nights are unbearable, and one can only imagine what the homeless people feel out in the cold. I choose sewing quilts because they offer a sense of comfort, a feeling of being home. There is something about a traditional quilt, the warmth it gives a person.


The person making the quilt works for hours, if not days, to make a quilt. The layout and the different types of fabric and layers help to create a heavy blanket.


When it comes to helping the less fortunate, I am sorry to say this but, you never need an audience. People who help others should not go with cameras showing others what they did for a person in need. A person who has a pure heart and knows he or she does not need anything in return the satisfaction of having helped someone who needed it most.


The needy people also do not want to be shown all over social media; it does not help their situation. If the tables were turned, you would not want everyone looking at you with pitiful eyes and cameras. It does not help. I believe a pure heart gives without expectations of receiving or does not need to show anyone what they have done for someone.


The Catholic Church is one that advocates for helping the needy and never expecting anything in return.

I enjoy making the quilts with my wife and children. It is a way we bond together at home on a warm afternoon with no directions.

Having my whole family in the act of sharing is a blessing. The church teaches us about the importance of giving back, the importance of sharing because you never know what might happen.


We are also taught that we all need each other when my family and I work together on those quilts the love grows between us; we feel good about helping others because society needs everyone pulling together.

People often mishandle the less fortunate in society. People think of them as low lives that do not deserve basic needs. But every life is essential.


Although not an enormous gift, the quilts go a long way in making people feel loved and warm at night. I cannot provide a home for all the people in the streets, but giving a warm piece if the clothing they can use to keep themselves warm at night or a place they can lay their head down. I know it is not much, but there is a feeling someone gets after they have helped another, an indescribable feeling.


People need to understand that if we do not help others, we will never understand the meaning of human life, the feeling of having another person thank you after you showed them a simple act of kindness is heartwarming. We should always help no matter how same; just because you have something and another person lacks, it does not mean you are better off; it just means you should give what you have and better someone’s life even if it just a warm blanket or quilt made with a quilting sewing machine.

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